Anna Knörr

Hi, my name is Anna. I'm currently a graduate student in theoretical physics at Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada. When I'm dancing in a cypher, call me Atomyka.

What makes a good day? A surprising conversation with a stranger, a smile from a person I care about, a round of yoga to feel my neurons tingle and a dose of 100% dark chocolate. I try to not take life too seriously, which seems to make me focus with intense amusement on the projects that fill my life. Oh, and it's likely you'll find me in a handstand!

So far, I've moved around a bit: born in Austria, toddler years on Huntington Beach in sunny California, junior school near Munich, middle school in the little German city with the longest castle in the world. Sixth Form wearing a tie near London, couple of months learning 中 文 in Shanghai. Bachelor's degree in physics from ETH in Zurich, now finishing my Master's in Canada interspersed with an internship at QuEra Computing Inc. in Boston... (You can read about my time in China here or about the whirlwind year in the PSI program here.) It's been a journey and it's all but over. I am thankful for this priviledge and try to put the things I've learned along the road to good use.

I've made this page to share those attempts with you. Hope you find something to your taste in the 3 dropdowns below!

You can contact me here: